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Child Physiotherapy



The road to recovery from an accident, injury, operation or if you are experiencing chronic, pain can be daunting and frustrating. 


We are here to support and provide the help you need along the way, to make this an enriching journey. 



The aim of the first session will be to listen to you explain to us about your problem, ask questions to differentiate the diagnosis which helps us to understand your condition better. 

A physical examination based on that information will then be carried out. Together we will make a plan that suits you as an individual.

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We take a holistic approach to our treatment by complimenting traditional physiotherapy treatments with the combination of different disciplines and techniques such as pilates, yoga based exercises and Integrated Oriental Manual Therapy.  

The skill of selection and application of different techniques, with appropriate clinical decision is vital in maximising its therapeutic effectiveness and benefits. 



Recovery goes beyond getting you pain free.


Through restoring balance and harmony in your body, our aim is to optimise self healing and injury prevention. 


Building resilience enables recovery and creates tolerance to that once pain inducing activity. 




We prescribe movement as medicine. 

Optimisation is the 'silver lining' to the injury experience. 

It can be an opportunity to correct the imbalance within the body that created the pain experience. 

By creating a shift in this balance, we create a more efficient movement pattern that reduces pain and facilitates an optimal speed of recovery.


This is usually reserved for professional athletes, but it is also available to those that wish to play a more active role in self care. 

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