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Sports / Athletics Optimisation

Poliquin Principle 

Poliquin focuses on several Principles that everyone should bear in mind while working out.
Here  are some of the priciples suggested by Poliquin: 

- The Borg Principle  

- The Principle of Shifting Rep Ranges 

- The II-B or Not II-B Principle  

- The Rest Principle 

- The Time-Under-Tension Principle  

- The Change the Beat Around Principle  

- The Yin and Yang Principle 

Marinovich Training System

Marinovich Training Systems is a scientifically-based program that defines what  constitutes excellence in athletic performance, remediates the athlete’s deficiencies and  imbalances, and challenges the body to excel through a stimulating multi-modality  approach. 

▪ Our neurological system has a tendency to stagnate in its responses. The distinguishing  characteristic of Marinovich Training Systems is the neuromuscular stimulation as we  challenge the athlete with a systematic and sequential program, resulting in dramatic  improvement in sports speed, power, quickness, grace, sports-specific skill and overall  athleticism 

▪ The goal of this cutting-edge training is to raise the athlete’s Physical IQ, or Performance  Quotient, by developing sports-relevant strength and technical mastery through  precision of movement, the intensification of key joint actions, and the refinement of  the body’s kinesthetic sensory system. The training draws from vast proven methods to  accurately challenge the athlete with unique exercises specifically chosen to enhance  the essential elements for success in the athlete’s sport. 

Primitive Movement Pattern Development

Primal movement is essentially about reconnecting with how our bodies were actually  designed to move. Experts say it could hold the key to keeping us fit, strong and  alleviating lifestyle-triggered chronic pain and illness.

By exploring the different planes  of movement, crawling, rolling, jumping and crouching, we unlock the complexity and  diversity of how our bodies can move. And the best thing about it is that it is entirely  functional.

The fluidity of moving across different levels with a mixture of explosive and  controlled movements, helps to improve balance and coordination, prevent injuries and  release tension in the nervous system. 

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